Every now and then, my students ask me what to do to study English when they are out of their classroom. “Besides doing your homework”, I say and smile, one of the best and most fun way to be in touch with the language is listening to music.

By listening to songs in English, preferably sung by native speakers (please!), the students will be able to practice their listening skill and learn new, and often, really up-to-date, idioms and slangs. Also, it is really okay to listen to a song 100, 200, 1,000 times if you enjoy the song, which means, you will really have a chance to learn and memorize the new words and, also, the grammar inside – withouth having to study (boring?) lists of this and that, and grammar rules.

All you gotta do is switch to a radio station with international music, or start replacing your old MPB song CD’s by international music CD’s. Also, try new songs, new music styles, and new singers and bands. Why not buy a mp3 player, or the latest mp4 player, or even a cell phone with mp3 features (like I did, hehe) and start downloading music from the internet? I am sure you will enjoy your little new ‘toy’ and the music! Needless to say, everyone must get up-to-date the technologies today. Gizmos are here to help and to make our lives easier, so let’s enjoy!