Pretty Intense Japanese Class

I just love Emily’s Pretty Intense videos. She’ so showy yet unpretentious in her videos! Besides being intelligent, funny, nice, cute… Well, I am a big fan of her videos. I guess it’s because it has English and Japanese – 2 of my great passions…🙂

BTW, as she says (somewhere), the videos are not supposed to be truly educational. Well, at least, not for Japanese students. However, for English learners, I think the speeches are very good! Short sentences, colloquial English, maybe a slang here and there, and I like her diction.

However, some ppl just hate her! How come? Anyways, it seems she’s very popular as she got her 9000 subscribers to her youtube page – I am one of them!!!

Enjoy the video! Take some time to watch the others, too! Does she speak fast?😉

One comment

  1. Yeah you are right … i think there could be manny more people on the planet who could be funny in an arogant way …. I love her videos … My Japaese sux …sut im gambareing …. there could be a person like her foe each and every language… three thumbs up for EMILY!!!

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