Finally, an almost cute picture!!!!

Well, it really doesn’t mean much to me and even though I always catch myself thinking: “Well, it is another Friday the 13th”, it doesn’t influence on anything I do or won’t do just because of the date.

I dislike horror movies, I don’t know almost anything about Freedy Kruger and Jason. I just know they have been famous characters for decades and who are worshipped by thousands of fans around the world… I guess it is around the world, and that about one year ago, they launched a movie with the two deadly creatures in one movie. It must have been funny. 😛 Sorry if I sound ignorant and uninterested, but it is just my taste.

Anyways, what I think is cool about Friday the 13th is the so-called “Halloween parties” that often take place here in Brazil on these dates, where some nightclubs decorate the house properly and people (should) wear costumes. Only in the past few years, Brazilians have started connecting Halloween with October 31st, but most still don’t know that Halloween and Friday the 13th are originally two separate things.

If you like the fear culture of Friday the 13th and horror movies, here are two suggestions of movie scripts and movie trailers in English:

Scripts to Friday the 13th, written by Victor Miller:

The Official site to Freddy x Jason:

Well, I wish you all have a great Friday and survive to Saturday….hehehe

Hope to see you here tomorrow… preferred, alive! hehe


(P.S.: Damn, I spent more time looking for a ‘beautiful’ image to post with the topic than writing it. It was so very hard to find nice one… this is sad, or as my friend says, this is gay. lol.)