Massacre on the campus…

Students at the Virginia Tech Campus

Taken from CNN, on April 16th, 2007, at 9:14p.m., EDT:

Blagsburg, Virginia

  • Lone gunman massacres 32 at Virginia Tech
  • Gunman chained doors then opened fire on class
  • Student: I was one of only four that made it out
  • ‘He was very silent, he seemed very thorough’
  • It is the deadliest shooting rampage in U.S. history

No words. Again. Massacre at school. Now this is horrendous. There is no logical or illogical explanation for this kind of happening. There is no excuse for this. There is no way back for these parents and families who lost their kids. Just pain…

P.S.: Vodpod seems to be facing problems atm, so I’m posting the video down here for now, but I’ll add it to lillizen’s vodpods later on. (…) Uh-oh, this video practically has no speaking, just gunshots.. anyways… :S


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