Food for Thought…

Blacksburg, Virginia, USA / Rio de Janeiro, RJ, BRAZIL.

Chatting in msn to a friend from Rio today, I mentioned the Virginia Tech massacre, to what he responded “what happened in Virginia yesterday happens in the USA once a year, while in Rio there is around half a dozen kids dying almost every day… ” and “today at least 21 people died in a police confrontation in Rio…”

By this, I do not mean what happened in the USA is meaningless. What I mean is we, Brazilians, do not value things as Americans do. We let things go. We let criminals get away with crimes. We have let things become banal.

If you have any comments or considerations on this topic, please, be my guest. I still don’t know if I am the only one reading my blog, or if anyone else is reading it, too… lol. Just kidding, but almost that!

(Vodpod has made some innovations. Apparently that is why it wasn’t working very well yesterday. So, today I am including a new video on the Virgina Tech massacre in my VodPod Listingon the left.)


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