I guess most people are interested in personality and intelligence tests, aren’t they? So I would like to suggest the following links to some tests you can take online – but, ok, I promisse I am not mentioning any English tests. At least, not today.

1) Oxford Capacity Analysis offers a Personality Test, for which they offer professional test evaluators – at NO charge! – at the nearest Church of Scientology testing center, which, in Brazil, are located in Sao Paulo. However, you can choose not to do so and mark that the center is not close enough, which is my case (1000km or more). The test is long, 200 questions, and the vocabulary in it is quite difficult, I would only recommend it to an advanced student of English – and, anyways, don’t forget to have your dictionary with you.

2) BBC has some very interesting tests, too. Find them at Psychological Tests.

3) SimilarMinds.com has a more relaxed style, and presents plenty of personality and intelligence tests. I tried out the Vocabulary Test, also called verbal-intelligence test, just to see how I’d go. I thought the test was way too difficult, and I consider my result very good – not sure it is true, though… hehe. In fact, I guess I was “lucky” – what a good guesser I am!!! – because I didn’t know the meaning, or, at least, not the precise meaning of 90% of the words, so I had to try to figure out the meaning of the word through its root. Thanks to those Latin classes (Ludus book!) and Affix (suffix, prefix) classes at university.

All right, but now why am I posting these psychology and intelligence stuff tests in my English Blog? NO! Definitely I am not suggesting my students are crazy or stupid!!! I am suggesting them as a source of study, because I think they are a good and natural way for students to read lots of questions, paying attention to the auxiliary verbs, tenses, question words, and other ‘details’ like adverbs of frequency (always, never, etc.), which can make all the difference in sentences, and in the test answers and results. So they cannot be unseen. They must be taken heed of.

“That’s all, folks!”