America Sings by ATIS547

Well, something I’m trying to do is to add music videos to my blog, as well as the corresponding song lyrics in the MUSIC PAGE in such a way that you can read the lyrics and sing while you listen and watch the video.

Unfortunately, there are still very few song videos (BTW, I am pretty undecided on which songs to include. So far, I’ve been choosing the songs I like. Needless to say, I am accepting suggestions).

This way, meanwhile, you could take a look at the following page – – that plays the song while you read the lyrics. I have tested a few myself, and I have noticed not all of them are working (the, for example, is NOT). However, several others are working all right, like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Marley and Slip Knot, just to mention a few.

The site is very easy to use – as soon as you choose a song and open the page, the lyrics will show and the song will start playing automatically – there is NO need to open any player or download the song, which, by the way, would  be illegal. Here is one example: Beautiful Day – just click, listen, read the lyrics and sing!!!

So, go ahead! Play the songs and sing along. A nice and fun way to practice your English!