Most of you have probably already heard of or even entered their site, or haven’t you? But have you placed your vote? Well I haven’t. And I don’t inted to do so. Let me explain why. As a Brazilian, I would like to vote on the Christ Redeemer. However, I don’t think it really is one of the world’s7 wonders. And as we have a big nation, about 200 million inhabitants, I think that if all Brazilians voted on us, just because we are Brazilians and want “our” monument there, we could even win, but this wouldn’t be fair.

Now why am I not voting on another wonder, instead? The one I think is the most wonderful and that can represent the new 7 wonders properly. Because I don’t know which one is the best. I love several. I think several of them are amazing, incredible, fantastic, etc… but I just can’t choose one. (Too bad…)

BTW, I started this post because I think the site contains interesint information about the sites, with interesting content and vocabulary that are very useful for ESL teachers and students. For examples, you can explore the numbers to talk about height, or the adjetives to talk about superlatives or comparatives. Another option is to create a slogan in English for the New 7 Wonders.

Well, 8 days to go. We all still got time to vote for our favorite New 7 Wonder. After that, let’s enjoy the result and the material in the site. 😀