Rio by Pedro Ignacio Guridi

Photo taken by Pedro Ignácio Guridi.

The Pan Am Games will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, this year, from July 13th to July 29th. The city is ready to receive all athletes and visitors. So are the wonderful beaches.

The official site (link to the English version, of course) has lots of information about the Pan Am Games.

Suggestions for teachers and students:

– A list of all the countries that will participate in the event can also be found – a good resource to study countries and nationalities, isn’t it?

– A list of all the sports that will be giving medals to the best athletes – the student can use the list to simply practice the names of the sports in English; for intermediate students, the teacher can use the list to make students talk about the rules of each sport: the should guide the ‘conversation’ on the topic and be well-prepared (I’d recommend him or her to have the rules printed.