Sports Lingo

Talk about sports, take a look at this great site called Sports Cliché, which helps non-native English speakers to get to understand the language of sports that is often used in the sports world.

The site is very easy to use. The expressions are easy to read. As a suggestions of how to use them in class, one idea is to bring some of the clichés (don’t forgot to make sure all students understand the meaning of cliché) to class and discuss what they mean with the class; another idea is to get the students to think of some sports related clichés used in their own country and language, which could be used as a warm-up activity to introduce a lesson that talks about sports. Let me try a few famous sentences in Brazil:

Vai que é tua, Taffarel! (this one is old, from the 2002 World Cup.)

Pedala, Robinho!

O importante é competir.

Em time que está ganhando, não se mexe.

Well, sports lingo is really not my strong suit. But I am sure the teacher and his or her students will get to remember lots of others. 😀


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