A touchy situation took place in Rio before the Pan Am Games started last week, involving diplomatic issues, after a widely-read Brazilian newspaper published a picture of someone holding a white board which read “Welcome to the Congo!”. You can find the whole news in the NewYorkTimes and also in CbsNews online.

As an English teacher, I would suggest either of these texts as there are lots of information on the Pan Am – which is all we see these days on television… I wonder why… (sarcasm), as well as a very controversial topic, which can be a good idea to make your students talk and participate actively in class. Just beware of the time you’ll spend on it and if the topic will not offend anyone or make anyone hit the roof.

The thing is, we all know and most of us are not glad with all this mega show and spotlight on the Pan Am here in Brazil, as ONE POINT FIVE BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!! have been spent on it – and we DO HAVE OTHER URGENT PRIORITITES, which are much more important than that. I know sports are important, but not as much as the life of thousands or millions of people who die in Brazil because they don’t have medical assistance, or because they got involved in crime because they couldn’t get education and a job, or because they got shot by a stupid ‘lost’ bullet, or because…. Damn! What could be more important than life itself? People are dying every day here… let’s not hide our true problems behind a bunch of medals… Come on! Gimme a break!

So if you ask me “how many medals has Brazil won so far?”, I will tell you “I haven’t got the slightest idea” as I am not watching the games. And don’t call me an alien for that. Aliens are the people who hide the problems behind a sports event that lasts less than a month and that cost $1.5 billion. Just think about that.