(updated – short video)

As a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, I often get students who are seeking a position in a multinational company and need to be ready for the job interview.

We all know making a job interview is usually tense and the interviewee almost always becomes really nervous and anxious. Now if you have to that in a language that is not your mother tongue, that surely is much more difficult.

So, there’s no escape, the best you can do besides being really well prepared concerning your English is to be aware about some cultural differences and be prepared to answer anything the interviewee might ask you. This is the best you can do to feel more relaxed and do better at your job interview.

So, watch the video above and pay attention to the tips given – there are written tips: very nice! After that, I suggest you search “job interview” in youtube.com for even more examples. Also, you should think about all the possible questions the interviewer might ask you and be prepared to answer them – make sure you know all the necessary vocabulary, especially the jargon you will need for that job, for example, if you are a mechanical engineer, be sure you know (and remember by heart!) all the words that are related to your area (engineering).

Well, so if you’re taking a job interview soon, good luck! 🙂