Another, the other, other, others?

Traduções e Como usar another, the other, other e others

Another +

singular noun

The other +

singular noun

Other +

plural noun

Others + Ø

(não é seguido de substantivo)


o/a outro/a







Exemplos do uso de another, other, the other e others:

  1. I need another sheet of paper.
  2. I would like another glass of soda, please.
  3. Another day in Paradise” is a song by Phil Collins.

  1. I didn’t read this book. I chose to read the other book.
  2. I didn’t like this movie, but I like the other one. The one I saw last night.
  3. Maybe they went to the other bar. Let’s go. It’s across the street.

  1. Can you give me other examples?
  2. I want other shoes. These ones are ugly.
  3. You can find out more about this and other courses in our site.

  1. Some people went north. Others went south.
  2. Why do some public services work and others don’t?
  3. Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and others will be present at the trade fair.

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