Some and Any





Faça o download ou copie e use o exercício abaixo (faça oralmente, cole no seu editor de texto preferido e responda, ou imprima e complete as lacunas.)

A. Put in some or any.

  1. I will buy _________ paper.
  2. I can’t buy it now. I don’t have _________ money on me.
  3. My parents will lend me _________ money.
  4. Do you have __________ brothers and sisters?
  5. Would you like __________ coffee?
  6. Can I have _________ more, please?
  7. We visited ___________ churches in Bahia, Brazil.
  8. Did you receive ___________ emails from them?
  9. The teacher gave _________ examples, but I didn’t understand it.
  10. First, he apologized and then he gave her __________ flowers.
  11. There are __________ good restaurants on this street.
  12. There aren’t ___________ gas stations on this street.
  13. I didn’t buy ____________ tomatoes, but I bought ____________ tomato sauce.
  14. Would you like to drink __________ water now?
  15. I don’t have ____________ friends here yet.
  16. I saw _____________ police officers downstairs. What happened?
  17. We don’t have _______________ sugar. We have to go to the grocery store.
  18. He pronounced ___________ words, but I didn’t understand him.
  19. There aren’t ____________ coins in my pockets.
  20. I will have _____________ soup.

B. Complete the sentences. Put in some or any + one of the words below:

scissors – glue – tea – rest –  photos – free time – time – questions- new makeup

  1. I will go to Macy’s this afternoon, I want to buy ___________________.
  2. I need __________________ alone.
  3. Let me show you ________________ of me when I was in Australia.
  4. Do you have ____________________ for me?
  5. Please, bring ____________________ glue tomorrow. We’re going to do some collage.
  6. We won’t need to take _____________________.
  7. I am not going to answer ____________________ questions during the test.
  8. I don’t have ______________________ free time.
  9. I need ______________________ rest.
  10. Would like _____________________ tea?

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