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Vamos ver quando devemos usar “most” e “most of”? Seguidamente, escuto essa pergunta, então vamos aprender quando se usa um ou outro.

Use “most” com substantivos no plural ou substantivos incontáveis:

  • Most students passed the exam.
  • Most teachers spent their weekend correcting exams.
  • Most women in the study ignored this fact.
  • Most men have trouble remembering dates.
  • Most chairs were blue.

most chairs

Use “most of” com outro determinante (the, my, your, this, that, …) ou antes de um pronome (us, them):

  • Most of us needed help.
  • Most of the students staying in the classroom.
  • Most of our customers use smartphones.
  • Most of the menu choices are unhealthy.
  • I spend most of my free time surfing the net.
  • He can remember most of his friends’ phone numbers.

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